About Indigo Tree Publishing


Welcome to Indigo Tree Publishing! 

For questions email us at queries@indigotreepublishing.com
Indigo Tree Publishing is a recent startup, a micropublishing venture intended to deliver a broad range of quality fiction and nonfiction.
Initial offerings have been fiction over a broad range of genres.
The next novel will be a very promising high-concept thriller. There is also the possibility of a science fiction piece. One or both of these, if published by Indigo Tree, may be subsequently offered in e-book format in Chinese.
Other fiction offerings could include an epic adventure tale set in 1920s Asia, a sports story and a middle-grade misadventure set in the inner city.

Forthcoming nonfiction books include a history of Reconstruction-era Texas with some fascinating new revelations, an important biography of a monarchist Russian general with relevance to the present and an uplifting story of librarian-turned-heroine in the dark days of the Holocaust.

Indigo Tree Publishing hopes to be offering a book written as narrative nonfiction about the exploits of a young cavalry recon officer in World War II. What’s scarier than zombies? SS troops hopped up on amphetamines and monster Tigertanks. Follow along as Patton’s advance units find their way across France, relieve Bastogne and drive toward Berlinto save the world. Was there ever a more evil empire or agreater crusade? See www.freedomhistory.com for more.

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